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March 31st, 2007

07:22 am - I have started a new blog
in Swedish - I'm updating that one more often tnan this one....

I've gotten more stuff in the mail box lately (check my other blog for that)


Car spotting!

I've seen 009, 010 and 011 in a few days - progress!

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March 11th, 2007

06:37 am - Cold? I don't think so
Adelina on a walk outside

Another win in a contest

And the tea from Lipton arrived !

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March 1st, 2007

02:31 pm - Candymania!
A great day today!

This was in the mailbox today

100 skr to buy for at IKEA (from a survey company)

This was in the mailbox from Sweetcollect along with a slip to pick up a package at the post office

was in that package....

So now I have gotten most of my candy from Sweetcollect - the folloing picture shows the last shipping

1 Cadbury's bar
1 package od Chewits (Review win)
1 Galaxy bar (Insted of an Twix bar)
1 pack of Maltesers
1 Skittles
1 package of Starburst (Referal bonus)
2 different bags of Bassets candy (instead of 29 Double Dip's...)
2 Refreshers
2 Strawberry Millions
3 Chomp Bars
4 gum eye balls
4 minstrel bags (insted of 12 flumps) *angry*
7 Chewits
7 drum stick
7 Fizzybelts
11 Tootsie Rolls
11 Vimto bars
12 dsjm
16 Whams
18 Campinos
21 Fizzers
23 Cola bottles
34 Vimtos
129 Pixie sticks
135 Black Jacks

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February 26th, 2007

01:02 pm - More candy....
This came in the mailbox today - it's "just" 174 sweets from the package I'm waiting to get sent to me

but still it's candy - keep in mind I have over 500 waiting to get here!

Sweetcollect is the place I've gotten tem from.

1 Cadbury's (replaced with a Galaxy)
1 Skittles
2 Strawberry Millions
7 drum stick
11 Tootsie Rolls
23 Cola bottles
129 Pixie sticks
174 sweets

The 4 eye balls are some extras and the Maltesers are from becoming a platinum member.

Still waiting for

1 package of Chewits
1 Starbusts
1 Twix
2 Chomp Bars
2 Refreshers
4 Jolly Rancher
7 Fizzybelt
9 Chewits
12 Dsjm
12 Flumps
18 Campino
21 Fizzers
29 Double Dip
33 Pixie sticks
38 Vimto
143 Fruit Salads
165 Black Jack

498 sweets

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February 25th, 2007

01:17 pm - 008
was spotted today

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February 24th, 2007

02:45 pm - Time to write a few lines again
Have been to Umeå this week ....

my account is slowly growing - no daily clicks anymore - so now it will take ages to reach 25 sweets again esp. since I can't win any sweets at the momnet.

2 Chewit
4 Jolly Rancher
4 Vimto
30 Black Jack
33 Fruit salad
33 Pixie sticks
A total of 106 sweets

Johan is competing instead of me so he has some sweets in his account.

No sign of the box of Flumps yet - nor my package that was raken out for dispatch over a month ago.

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February 15th, 2007

11:58 am - Another win in a competition
Today there was an envelope in the mailbok contailning the following

I got a subscription for Elle (a year) and these products - I have no clue what competition it is from - but I'm happy that I did win!

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February 13th, 2007

08:26 am - Long time....
or not that long - but still it's a while since I wrote

Johan's package has arrived safe

Many pixie sticks were missing, but hopefully he'll get them credited to his account sson.

My account is groing - even if it's very slow. I've been banned from the forum since Jan 19 and the chance of earning sweets is way worse when I can't participate in games or quizes

2 Chewit
2 Jolly Rancher
4 Vimto
24 Black Jack
27 Fruit salad
27 Pixie sticks

A total of 86 sweets.

No sign of the box of flumps yet :-( nor has my package been sent.

I spotted 007 this weekend !

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February 4th, 2007

04:42 pm - Chickenpox
are still present in our house. Now its both the oldest and the youngest that are sick :-(

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04:40 pm - Account update and stuff in the mailbox
My package is still not sent - Johan's was sent Thurday so it should arrive tomorrow

But my account is slowly growing!

1 Chewit
1 Jolly Rancher
3 Vimto
9 Black Jack
11 Fruit salad
11 Pixie sticks

A total of 36 sweets.

In the mail this week

From ICA Kuriren

A Christmas swap - just arriving 10 weeks after it was sent :-( butthere were nice items!

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